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Management Services

While owning rental property can seem like an attractive venture, it is easy to underestimate just how much work goes into managing these properties:

  • Seeing that they are kept occupied by trustworthy tenants
  • Stay properly maintained
  • All legalities and financial concerns are being tracked
  • Concerns are promptly addressed

At Complete Rental Management, we help property owners by managing all the necessary details starting with marketing vacant properties in order to assure that the right people see their listings. From there, prospects undergo screening during the application process, and are given clear, updated rental agreements that keep everyone on the same page as to what is expected right from the start.

Property owners can be assured that these agreements are more than words, and we are willing to enforce any policies stated if the need arises. Once we find good tenants, we strive to keep them by offering good service and staying accessible and attentive to their needs. Annual inspections are also performed to assure that maintenance is attended to, whether a tenant has requested one or not. We keep track of the financial aspects of property management, such as collecting rents, tracking vacancies and profits, providing year end statements, and necessary tax forms.

Through all of this owners can access the owner portal to see exactly what is going on with their property whenever they want.

Owner Testimonials

“They have always been friendly and helpful. I have recommended them to other people who are looking for someone to manage their property.” — Michael Schuster

“It is a good experience to have Complete Rental Management represent our property in Pueblo, CO. We live out of state and CRM communicates via modern technology to keep us well informed and we appreciate that. CRM has a knowledgeable staff that works well with both tenants and landlords, and we value their excellent service and attention to detail.” — George & Patti

“A competent professional management company. By far the best in Pueblo.” — Peter P.

“Steph is a rock star! She will be rewarded one day! Keep your head up, and don’t give up!” — John Secora

“Great, always making sure I don’t have to worry about taking care of my tenants.” — Dan K.

“Extremely professional, Steph thinks of everything.” — Frank Witty